Sombra Overlake Sylvan Dancer

Best of Breed @ 16 months.

Meet our new girl, Alex!

Special things to come with this Ryder and Hobo granddaughter.

Picture at 15 months.

Lauren 29.05.2016 14:55

Looking for a male Golden Retriever

Joan M 16.04.2016 23:46

I am interested in a male golden. Any litter coming soon

Lauren kardish 20.02.2016 05:18

Hi .interested in a female puppy. Any available??

Alexandria F. 06.02.2016 01:53

Interested in purchasing a male golden puppy in the near future. What are your prices for your litters?

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07.05 | 01:40

Hi we are looking for a golden retriever puppy and with our large property and family we think that a golden retriever would be the perfect fit.

06.05 | 00:46

Do you have any puppies available soon? If so when would they be available?

05.05 | 12:48

Do you have any puppies available soon?

08.11 | 01:09

My name is Marieann Burnell and my husband and I are looking to adopt a golden retreiver puppy a girl we would like. We had to put our last dog down.